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Multitrade first opened on a part time basis in 1977. Due to rapid growth, we opened our doors full time in 1979. We have been serving the public in Malta ever since, with pride and passion.

Multitrade – the fastest on the market. No doubt about it.

Offered is an immediate service. No waiting for someone to answer the phone. No answering machines.

Instead – reliable service as the client always wanted it to be – but couldn’t always find it. Deliveries are very prompt and reliable. When possible the goods are dispatched immediately or within hours. This is far beyond the industry standard. Finally we found fine service.

Just call. We’ll be there shortly.


Multitrade led development of  production of aluminium doors and windows in Malta. This occurred during the last two decades of the last century.

There was very limited access to aluminium profiles, accessories, machinery and know-how during the late seventies.

Multitrade introduced this unique metal. It was very scarce in Malta at the time. Then the company backed up the aluminium skilled workmen, by supplying and guiding local blacksmiths and other machinists.

When the company opened, there were few producers of aluminium doors and windows. The service was generally more professional than typical. People were inclined. So the sales of aluminum then exploded in quantity – with the supply catching up as it usually does.
Multitrade was the first to represent All.Co. of Pisa, Italy. This was for the supply and distribution of aluminium profiles in Malta and Gozo.

Also represented was Anodal. Anodal supplied Multitrade with accessories and machinery for the production of aluminium doors and windows.

First Multitrade led the aluminium provisions in Malta. Now it specializes in D.I.Y. aluminium  profiles such as angles, flat bars, tubes, squares and rectangular profiles.

Also available are aluminium accessories for doors and windows. Particularly for those who have no access to the older series. – Even for previously used doors and windows. Always included is advice, and assistance about classic models of profiles.

If your aluminum window is yesteryear’s model, don’t worry about it. At Multitrade we’ll sort it out also. Spare parts available. Rest assured it’s not important if it is a previous model or not. Our job is to help you find the right part. And that’s what we’re going to keep doing.

Tellure Rota wheels and castors were bought into Malta in 1977.

Multitrade is proud of the high profile of such products.

We started by educating the local market about the choice of the correct wheels and castors according to their application.

Examples of such applications:

  • Heat resistance for ovens.
  • The carrying capacity of wheels and castors, for different loads, was explained to the local market, and a flexible selection was available to cover their needs.
  • Offering advice on the carrying capacity, so that customers did not have to overspend on wheels and castors with had to carry lighter loads, and under-spend on castors supporting heavier loads, where quality and other features were required.

Multitrade originally distributed ladders. Discovering they were smarter at the job, the directors soon opted to commence the production of ladders themselves. They then distributed their own production.

This was at a time Malta was still in a phase of development. A bit futuristic for that era, the ladders were locally produced. The firm became a manufacturer, and the only distributor of ladders in Malta. Some ladders sold thirty nine years ago can still be seen at large.

That’s some ladder.

Actually, engineers would recommend that a ladder is replaced after too much use. – But the unwavering presence of such ladders on the streets today, is indicative of their tough construction.

Fast forward to year 2016. Things change a little.

Now comfort and lightness is more important than ever. Now it’s ergonomic and dynamic ladders that are  EN-131 certified. Those are the ones we’re at. If anything better appears tomorrow – we’ll be there first.

EU and British Standards Certification indicate the quality and safety of each ladder.

The calibre of the ladder will make itself present – when you stress it with a little weight or such. It will remain the same.

Like the reliability when we serve you. It’s the same.

    • Receiving our first samples of Tellure Rota – Wheels and Castors.  1977
    • Receiving a container load of roof tanks.  1978
    • Receiving the first container of aluminium profiles from Allco Spa.  1979
    • Production of aluminium ladders. 1981

Inventing the concept of using polycarbonate  light roofing in Malta. 1987.  It was first imported by Multitrade and presented to architects. It spread like wildfire. Today it is a household material.

Supplied ladders to pilots at the annual airshow from the first year it was organised. Supporting the MAS. This allowed the pilots to easily access the airplanes during the shows. Today the support for the airshow is huge. So the concept of backing up such clubs picked up in time.

Developing new set up with new four huge warehouses – 1999.

Providing the largest amount of stock for wheels on the entire island. Hundreds of thousands of wheels.  – 2015.


More shortly.

The Commitment

 The company specializes in:  wheels and castors, light roofing, accessories for aluminium doors and windows, gate accessories, wrought iron; also, ladders and scaffolding, letterboxes and other D.I.Y. provisions.

Premium quality is our philosophy. This ensures that customers are getting the maximum outcome from what they purchase.

Staff members can help you with any questions you may have about our products. Guidance and technical advice is handed out, for practically any concept which you want implemented.

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