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Castors & Wheels – Blickle Castors & Wheels.

This world leader in wheels and castors has over 20,000 items, from 20 kg to 50,000 kg, to choose from.

It has wheels for practically every application. In fact Blickle does not just produce those castors which are normally requested on the world market. It reinvents the wheel, and comes out with unexpected ideas and products which fill in particular niches, or requirements.

A castor with a top plate which is just 52 mm from the ground, and with a maximum carrying capacity of 100 kg, is hard to find. Item BLLPAVSTH35K complies with these features. Blickle also produces a similar castor with a center hole at the top of the castor, instead of a four hole plate. Should you not require a 100 kg carrying capacity, you can opt for a castor with a black polypropylene wheel carrying 75 kg, for a third of the cost.