Thin sheets of metal, plastic, or other materials can be clamped together from one side, by means of blind rivets, better known as pop rivets.

A tubular rivet is inserted in a hole which is drilled onto two sheets.

It is then clinched by withdrawing a nail found inside the rivet. These fasteners are installed with a manual, pneumatic or electric rivet gun, to connect metal and other pieces together.

These rivets are common in use both in industry, and by the DIY. Their head is made of aluminium, and they have a steel nail. Since they do not have any uncommon features, they can be found in many lengths, and diameters, and tend to be rather economical.

Multitrade ensures that such rivets are regularly held in stock.

  • Brand: FAR S.R.L
  • Diameter: 3.8mm
  • Length: 24mm
  • Plate Diameter: 8mm
  • Nail Diameter: 2.2mm
  • Rivet type: Standard rivets dome head
  • Head Material: Aluminium
  • Nail Material: Steel
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Multitrade Malta High Quality Rivets – 523824

  • Brand: FAR  S.R.L
  • (d) Diameter – 3.8mm
  • (L) Length – 24mm
  • (D)Plate Diameter – 8mm
  • (C)Nail Diameter – 2.2mm

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FAR of Bologna, Italy, is renowned for it’s production of blind rivets, blind rivet guns, and for riveting tools.

Rivets suitable for every use, are made of aluminium, copper, steel and stainless alloys, with anodizing and painting surface treatments. These are available in different packages.

Blind rivet nuts, in various metals, also form part of their production.

The range of FAR riveting tools offers world-wide advanced articles, from hand tool to oil-pneumatic tools with automatic loading of the rivet.


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