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Wheels and Castors

Wheels and Castors

Those who source wheels and castors from Multitrade, end up with a feeling that they have visited a consultant on the subject, without having to pay any consultancy fee.

Every customer notices that wheels are not to be bought, only on the bases of price. The most economical products are definitely available at Multitrade, but the lowest cost items are not the ones which give the best value for money. Wheels and castors have to perform well. They must therefore be suitable for the environment in which they operate, and the application to which they are being put. Every wheel must have the capacity to carry the maximum load which is placed on it.

Because of this, we place our wheels and castors under different categories, and indicate the diameter of every wheel, its rolling resistance, or the tractive force required for particular models. Resistance to high and low temperatures, and resistance to chemicals, are also taken into consideration.

Besides, Multitrade is aware that industry in Malta does not have to wait for the specialized products which are demanded. With this in mind, Multitrade is able to supply practically any requirement , off the shelf, or in little or no time.