Our tape measures or measuring tapes consist of a metal strip or ribbon of cloth, with linear-measurement markings. They are common measuring tools having graded intervals for measuring.

The ones which have a metal strip are 2; 3; 3.5; or 5 meters long, and are used by D.I.Y. enthusiasts, carpenters, metal workers, and a host of other trades.

Those having a cloth ribbon are usually longer, reaching up to 50 meters, thus suitable for the building trade, for surveyors, architects, and installers. They are also used by police and wardens at car accidents.

At Multitrade, they are part of an assortment of measuring tools.

  • Brand: Index
  • Width: 13mm
  • Tape Length: 20m
  • Material: Fiber Glass
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Multitrade Malta High Quality Measuring Tape – NDX13 is produced by Index.  A manufacturer of measuring tapes who has been leading in this sphere for a number of years.

This tool has a 13 mm wide steel tape, which is 20 meters long. NDX13 has a strong plastic case, and is particularly economical to buy.

The end of the NDX13 tape has features which are worth noting. Most people think that a tape measure is for measuring things. They are right, of course, but there is more to a tape measure than first meets the eye. There are specific features built in to this indispensable tool, that make it much more effective and efficient .

There is a slot on the movable part of the end of the NDX13 tape. It is there with a purpose. The reason for this is so that you can attach the end to the head of a nail or of a screw, when nobody else is around to hold the end of the tape. Without any help, you can then read the length at the other end.

Another feature is the serrated edge at the bottom of the hook. This is a inscribing tool. It helps you mark a scratch at a point from which the user is setting off to measure.





INDEX was founded in 1977 and is now a major manufacturer of measuring tapes.

Some of the main products which Index produces are held in stock by Multitrade. These include Steel Pocket Measuring Tapes, Long Measuring Tapes, and Stainless Steel Straight Rulers.

This manufacturer has a specialized research and development division, managed by world class engineers who are highly skilled in this field. It continually upgrades it’s manufacturing facilities, so as to continue  achieving international quality specifications and standards.

Index believes in reasonable prices, for superb quality.






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