Multitrade Malta Wrought Iron Baluster Element

Measurements are as displayed in the image below

Dimensions Diagram

  • Bar Size: 30mm x 30mm
  • Height: 1200mm
  • Width: 100mm


Multitrade Malta Wrought Iron Baluster Element

Wrought Iron F08301

  • Bar Size – 30 x 30mm
  • Height – 1200mm
  • Width – 100mm


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FEBA was born in 1993, It was founded by two partners, who already had more than twenty years of experience in the trade. This organisation grew constantly and gradually, initially from six workers in a small building, to more than fifty employees, and a productive space and warehouse of over 10.000 sq meters, completely dedicated to the manufacturing of wrought iron elements.

Furthermore, in 2004, Feba opened a new production and business branch in Romania. This allowed it to expand the marketing of its products in eastern Europe.

FEBA are structured to be flexible in production. They offer more than 8.000 items as shown in their catalog of forged wrought iron elements. Moreover, it has the ability to produce a practically unlimited number of personalized items.

FEBA produce a wide range of decorative wrought iron items, such as elements for gates, doors, balconies, banisters, and steel furniture for home and for gardens. These are marketed in Italy and in more than 50 countries all over the world.


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