Over the past thirty five years, Multitrade has had three mottoes, by which it has guided its activities. It has been ‘The Source for D.I.Y. and Industry’, ‘Your Solution’, and ‘For Those who want to do things well’.

The Source for D.I.Y. and Industry.
These sayings have served as guidelines by which management and customers understood what Multitrade stood for. Certainly, Multitrade has been a source of supplies to all those who sought to improve their industrial activities. Wheels and castors, for industrial trolleys were among the the first products, imported and supplied, to Maltese industrialists.

Thanks to Tellure Rota, technical knowledge about the correct choice of industrial castors, has been infused into the Maltese industrial sector, for at least three decades. Products sold by other suppliers, were normally selected on the bases of price only, because the market did not have, and was not given,  the technical knowledge by which to decide.

However, Multitrade Ltd. and Tellure Rota Spa. worked hand in hand to educate the Maltese industrial sector about technical features relating to  the correct choice of wheels and castors. As a result of this, the trolleys in our factories, and stores have always given the desired results, and worked efficiently.

The do-it-yourself enthusiast gained from what Multitrade had to offer. Thirty years ago, aluminium doors and windows became increasingly popular. This was a time when Multitrade supplied most of the aluminium profiles, accessories, tooling and machinery which entered the Maltese market. Few tradesmen knew how to process an aluminium profile into an aluminium aperture.

Amateurs were thought the basics of building aluminium doors, windows, and handrails. Simple tooling was sold to these customers, and soon these customers demanded better machinery. One step at a time, some armatures turned themselves into part time producers, and later on into professionals. Throughout this process, Multitrade was  by their side, supplying them with the required know how, and with most of their requirements.

Your Solution.
Then came a time when industrialists, and others, looked at us for supplies required to sort out technical problems. Most accessories for aluminium doors and windows, pop rivets made of uncommon metals or of unusual sizes, wheels and castors which are far from standard, and a host of other rare industrial supplies, could only be sourced at Multitrade.

The public often commented: ‘If you cannot find your requirement at Multitrade, than you cannot find it anywhere else.’ As a result of this, we were encouraged to move into the supply of the widest variety of industrial materials. Polycarboate sheeting, letter boxes, wrought iron, window hoods, aluminium sheeting, trolleys, fasteners, door closers, locks, handles, gate accessories, ladders ,step stools and scaffolding, and other items became part of our wide inventory. Multitrade became ‘Your Solution’.

For Those who want to do things well.
Multitrade is always around for those who want to do things well. Having provided all sorts of solutions to industry for a number of years, Multitrade started working upon encouraging quality, because of the way in which it leads to efficiency. Some customers were used to looking out for cheap prices at the expense of everything else Many learned through their own expense, how low prices led to low quality, and to inefficiency.

The market had to go through a learning process. Quality goods are supplied, and members of the Multitrade staff have been explaining to the public the benefits of certified products Not only are they more long lasting, but they also produce better results. Whoever uses quality products has a far lower failure rate. Tradesmen who use better materials,tools and machinery are observed by their potential customers, who in turn choose to ask them for their services. Those who seek quality have to worry far less about safety and about failure, and they enjoy the benefit of concentrating upon their work, thus rendering a better output.

Above all, quality certified goods have to be available to those who seek them. These are available at Multitrade.