An individual mailbox made of high resistant plastic with an irresistible avant garde design.
It is particularly suitable for external use, since rain water does not reach the inside of the box.
A hinged flap covers the letter slot.
This is a two way mailbox. Letters could either be inserted form the top, or from a slot at the back of it. The slot at the back could also be left covered, if required.
  • Brand: JOMA
  • Width: 237mm
  • Height: 320mm
  • Depth: 87mm


High quality Multitrade Letter boxes.

JM80001 – Letter Box

  • 237mm width x 320mm height x 87mm depth
  • White plastic
  • Colours unalterable through time


JOMA is the result of extensive experience  and a permanent spirit of innovation.

Experience accumulated over 60 years, allowing JOMA to become a reference point on the mailbox, cash box and metallic cabinet markets. Years and years developing products, which has led JOMA to being a renowed brand in the sector.


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